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Align Parcels running slow

04-27-2023 01:09 PM
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Has anyone had any issues with the Align Parcels tool running extremely slow? I have been trying to align a new subdivision (284 lots) for the last two days. The tool won't finish running and I have to force close my project. Yesterday I let it run overnight and it still hadn't finish this morning. I tried deleting 166 parcels and only aligning 118, but it's still running after 2 hours. I am using the latest version of ArcGIS Pro 3.1.1 and parcel fabric version 5.

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Not sure, but I have found in 3.11 that when things run VERY slow when using a file geodatabase (not enterprise service), running compact on the database makes a HUGE difference. 


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I am not in that version yet, but I had a similar issue where ONLY the Align Parcels tool was slow and I had to recreate my ArcPro project in a new file and that resolved the issue. 

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Aligning parcels, even 284 of them, should not take 2 days!

Please contact technical support and provide your data so we can look into it


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