Circular Arc Entry in Parcel Fabric

07-14-2020 12:40 PM
Status: Open
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In the traverse tool, which I use a lot, you click "enter" to move from field to field while entering the cogo. When I am drawing outside the traverse tool and want to enter a curve, I right click and select "circular arc."  When entering the parameters, I always accidentally use the "enter" button to move between the fields, like we do in the traverse function, and it ends my entry.  I have to delete and try again.  I wish there was an option to allow "enter" to be used to move through the three fields in the entry and after the third, it could commit the entry (sort of like the on screen constraints work for straight line segments).

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Thanks for submitting your idea Matt. Sharing with Amy Andis‌ and Phil Sanchez‌.

The traverse tool assumes you use the '10 key pad' with the 'enter' key to move between values while the editing constraints use the 'tab' key that is not part of the '10 key pad'. A challenge.