Hackathon Kickstarter Video: ArcGIS Platform for Developers

01-12-2021 12:47 PM
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EDITED 2021-10-19: This is an older version of this article.  There is a new article with new updated links herehttps://community.esri.com/t5/developers-blog/hackathon-kickstarter-video-arcgis-platform-for/ba-p/1...


When you're at a hackathon, you tend to use the tools that you know. That way you can put all of your effort and time into the app you're trying to build, and not into having to learn a new tool that might set you back.

But what if you want to use ArcGIS but don't have much experience with it?

Well, here's a video that in just 30 minutes will give you everything you need to get going and get productive with ArcGIS Online for hosting data, making maps, and making apps. Even during a fast-paced hackathon you may find giving 24 minutes to see what these tools can do for you could be a great investment when you see what kinds of capabilities you can bring to your project. 

In this video, we cover all 10 of these topics:

  1. Who is Esri and What is ArcGIS?
  2. Signing up for a free ArcGIS Online for Developers account
  3. Find, import, create, and host map data on the cloud
  4. Make and share a web map
  5. Style your map
  6. Using API Keys for activating content, location services, and interactive data analysis tools
  7. Create custom web mapping apps without code: StoryMaps, Dashboards, app builders and templates
  8. Creating custom web mapping apps with code: REST API, JavaScript API, Runtime SDKs
  9. Data science with ArcGIS: ArcGIS Python packages
  10. Community tools and resources: online forums, open source projects

Here is a link to the video: https://tiny.cc/ArcGISHacksVideo

(ed. on 2021-03-21 to update info and links)

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