Zonal statistics as table gives unexpected error 99999 no matter what I do

09-16-2021 12:19 PM
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I am using Arc GIS Pro 2.8.2 and using the Zonal Statistics as Table tool to calculate majority area and I get error code 99999. I the "raster" was originally a polygon that I converted to a rater to run the tool. I then exported the new raster and saved it as a .tiff - could this be the reason why I cant run Zonal Stats tool?  If not, what is the most common reason for this type of error? 


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can't make out what your screen grab has to do with zonal statistics as table, but here are the requirements for it

Zonal Statistics as Table (Spatial Analyst)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

what is your zone raster and value raster?

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What extension are you putting on the end of your output. I suggest .dbf.

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