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Wrong Feature Template Order

06-06-2013 05:52 AM
Occasional Contributor II
In Arcmap, my feature class is symbolized to via "match symbols to a style." The same field also has a coded value domain and a set of feature templates. The symbols and templates appear sorted automatically and the field domain stays in its unique non-alphabetical order.
After publishing to AGOL I view the feature service on The legend symbols and edit templates stay alphabetical and the domain remains properly sorted.
When viewed in ArcGIS iOS app or any Web App, the feature template changes. All of the types and symbols are there, but the order is very random. I don't see this order of edit templates anywhere else. Any Ideas on what it could be? I'd like to fix the issue in desktop if possible since there are over 100 feature types.

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New Contributor III
Did you find the solution to this problem?  We are having the exact same issue the iOS app will not sort any of the domain pick lists even though the Web app does.

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Esri Notable Contributor
The ArcGIS for .. apps and Collector apps are displaying the order on set on the REST endpoint under the types section of the rest endpoint. If you can send me a link to your REST endpoint could I check it out?

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New Contributor II
Has anyone found a solution to this?  How do you set the order for the Types section in the REST endpoint?  I'm using the iOS app and trying to get the list to appear alphabetically.

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Esri Contributor

This is a known issue and is currently being addressed, look for it to be resolved in a future release.

In the meantime, the documented workaround is as follows:
"Use subtypes to define the order of the editing templates at REST; will not work if other domains are set on the feature."

- Daniel
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Occasional Contributor III

Any chance this issue NIM086149 "Feature Service Field Types are not ordered correctly on REST endpoint" has been fixed in a higher version of ArcGIS Enterprise? I'm trapped on ArcGIS Server version 10.3.1 and just encountered the problem where the Types are arranged randomly in the Web AppBuilder edit template. We will be upgrading later this year and I don't really want to do the subtype workaround unless the problem is still not fixed.

New Contributor

Has this been resolved, or can someone please help me out with a work around? Republishing my web layer does not help and I am at a loss. Thanks!

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New Contributor

I was able to fix this by adding a description onto the field in portal. I still had to arrange domains manually, but no error message

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