Why does the QueryTask's execute function taking time to execute in javascript?

01-25-2021 05:52 AM
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We have created a feature layer and uploaded it on ArcGIS online and after calling it from the javascript code it takes ~35 seconds to get the data using the execute method of the esri.tasks.QueryTask

Is there any way to reduce the loading time of the data?

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Hi @RajeevRoy are you able to replicate the performance sending a request with the same parameters from Postman or the rest endpoint of the service (e.g. https://services.arcgis.com/<yourOrgID>/arcgis/rest/services/<serviceName>/FeatureServer/query)?

Does it have complex geometry, and is the query obtaining geometry for the features? If the service is public can you share it here so I can take a look?



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