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Why does my webmap constantly refresh?

07-29-2020 10:12 AM
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I have maps on our AGOL site that no longer function on an iPad. When panning & zooming, at some point the map will go back to the default extent & scale. Sometimes the screen will go black and the browser will crash.

I have spent time with ESRI support, their resolution was something like "your map is too complicated, publish it with fewer layers".

The maps work fine on a PC.

They work fine on a Surface Pro.

They have worked fine on an iPad until from 2015 until June, 2020.

The same feature services are used in our Cityworks map. It works fine on the same iPad.

The iPad is an iPad Air 2, using Mozilla Firefox as a browser. Different browsers have not made a difference.

Different iPads have not made a difference. A new iPad 7 worked a little better, for a little while, then did the same.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I cannot believe this is a unique problem.

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Hello @JoelSabin 

I think we are experiencing the same issue.  Did you get any help or resolution for this issue?


 - Jake

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