Why can't my map and hosted feature layer be seen in Collector by members of the organization?

04-09-2019 03:16 AM
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I built a point layer in My Content. I shared it with everyone and checked settings to ensure it is editable. I added it to a map and shared that map with everyone. I can find it and add data in Collector, but my colleagues in the ArcGIS online organization, including an administrator, cannot see it in Collector. 

Anyone have suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks so much for your help.


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Hi Jack,

I'm pretty sure the web map and content have to be shared to a Group for members to see it, even when sharing the content with Everyone.

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Jake is correct. You have to share all content with anyone you want to see. Make sure on the content page to click share then "access and update capabilities". Should work then.

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