Where to find 3D model marker symbols?

05-22-2019 05:12 AM
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First time working with Web Scenes and find it really easy to get a cool scene with buildings and all kinds of elements. The only thing I find is that ArcGIS Online (and Pro too) 3D style galleries are not too extensive.

I read here that you can generate 3D symbols by importing COLLADA, 3ds Max, OpenFlight and Wavefront files but, where do I find these kind of models? Isn't there any 3D extension or repository we can use?

Doing an internet search I've come across very few free symbols and most of them can only be used for personal purposes. I'm sure someone else has come across this same problem so, does anyone know of any 3D symbols repository with some extra symbols?

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We are currently working on extending the esri provided models. It would be great to know what kind of models you are looking for? Of course we cannot cover all possible use cases, but we try to cover the most common ones.

In general 3d models are like any other asset, either you make them yourself or need to buy them. Some library provide a few free models, like Sketchfab: Download Free 3D Models - Royalty Free - Sketchfab.

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JanettBaresel - It would be great to see some more "residential" type models. Also, I have tried pulling in 3D model as a 3D model mark, but it does not keep the texture and ends up just a white shaded model. Do I need 3D analysis extension to fix, or am I doing something else wrong?


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