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Inconsistent distributed collaboration results when replicating TileLayer by reference

12-21-2022 06:32 AM
Regular Contributor

I am using distributed collaboration between by Enterprise 10.9 and AGOL instance.  

I found some TileLayers on AGOL (not created within my organization) I would like to replicate by reference into my Enterprise.  These TileLayers are shared anonymously/publicly, so are accessible by everyone.  I know I can just add the tile service URL to my Enterprise instance, but I also want to make sure I replicate the metadata and item info if the owner updates that on AGOL, so have decided to go with Distributed Collaboration.  

Inexplicably, one of the TileLayers replicates to Enterprise correctly, but the other doesn't replicate at all, and I can't tell what might cause this inconsistent behavior.  

The item ID of the item that does replicate is ba711890a6f24720bf63a77c5aeb1e64, while the item ID of an item that won't replicate is 6ab79dc5de5743adb3e3b6e3c803aa59.  I don't see any difference between the two items except the "size" of the map service, which shouldn't come into play since I am only replicating by reference and not trying to copy (which I couldn't anyway because it's a tile service).  

Anyone have any ideas here?

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