When will AGOL support Hosted Print Services

03-07-2018 02:25 PM
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Does anyone know if there is a project in the pipeline to support Hosting Print Services to AGOL? Currently there are 2 options. 1) Use the Esri Default print service, and 2) Stand up a public facing Enterprise stack, publish a custom Print Service using Export Web Map tool, and point your AGOL Organisation to that service.

Sounds great, but not if your organisation doesn't have an Enterprise. Or if the Enterprise is on an air-gapped / secure system.

It would be great if AGOL could support Hosted Custom Print Services, and I was surprised to find little about this topic in any discussion topics or within the AGOL literature.


David (Consultant)

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Thanks for the feedback David!

This is functionality that we do get requirements for and are considering so thank you for posting. What features are you looking to access through a hosted printing service in ArcGIS Online?

Would it be to have a different layout?

Add your custom logos?

Have more control over what is included?

Other features  (please let me know what they are). 

It's really helpful to understand the details so we can consider a solution to address your printing needs.

Also, please support this idea on the ideas site: https://community.esri.com/ideas/8313Improve available default Map Layouts for Printing in ArcGIS Online


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Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the response. Yes exactly those things you mention. A big reason that our clients need dedicated GIS Users is that they have branded templates with often intricate line work, dynamic grid overlays, complex inset maps, etc. Pulling this into AGOL would allow non-technical employees to output the branded drawings.

Basically, everthing you can do with an ArcGIS Server Print Service, lets get that in AGOL please!


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Hi Kelly. Has there been progression on this project since this conversation occurred? We are trying to run from AGOL with a print service through Portal but are having some complications. Any advice would be appreciated. 


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