What webmaps/dashboards are using a feature layer?

12-07-2021 10:26 AM
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I would like to find a way to see what maps/webapps/dashboards etc consuming one of an organization/group shared hosted feature layers?

I don't mind others using layers I stand up, kind of the point of sharing them.  The problem comes if I want to make a schema change.  I don't have a good way to notify those consuming the layer.  So I could accidently break someone's map/dashboard etc.  Which if it's public facing would be bad.

Would love to find a way to tell what products are using a feature layer in both AGO and portal.

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This has been on my wish list for years!  I thought when ESRI developed ArcGIS Monitor, this would be a tool to find out which clients where using published feature services or map services, but I think it just monitors the health of the server, etc.?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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In Portal, there is the property dependent_upon, but it's only available in Portal via the Python API. But it's not a comprehensive list anyway.

The only way I've found to identify dependent items like this is to loop through all maps and look at the operationalLayers object of the JSON to see if your feature layer's URL shows up there. There's a post somewhere on here where I shared a code snippet that does just that, but I'm having trouble finding it.

If you needed to then find apps dependent upon those maps, you'd have to do a similar loop looking for their itemIDs in the JSON of the apps.

It would be quite the loop to run against outside-org content. But if it only happened on a monthly or weekly basis, it might not be terrible to just let it run over some weekend.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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We haven't implemented it yet but we purchased a tool from GeoJobe. It advertises that it does what you are asking, which is also the main reason we purchased it. Hopefully it will be a resolution. https://geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/