What is the difference between a "Hosted Feature Service View" and "Save As New Layer"?

11-09-2019 05:38 AM
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When you go to a Hosted Feature Service's Settings (Overview) page, you have the option to "Create View Layer". I'm familiar with the concept and I understand what's going on here.

However, on the Visualization tab you also have the option to "Save As New Layer". What is the difference between doing this (aside from the option to save a single layer?) and creating a view?

Based on Create hosted feature layer views—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation I'm taking a guess that you have more granular control over a HFS View as compared to the New Layer option. Am I missing anything else?

The description in "My Content" is different also.

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Hi Rob Blash‌ you are right, you have more granular control specifically over the editing, cache settings, the view definition and a few others as well. 

When copying/saving a layer with this workflow Copy and save layers—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation the saved layer will have the same editing properties as the original Hosted Feature Layer as well as contain the same fields as the source. However when you create a Hosted Feature Layer View you can make it non-editable while the source remains editable, and also choose to hide fields:

This is a common workflow for Hosted Feature Layer views - maintain the Hosted Feature Layer as shared to only editing groups for organization members, then created publicly shared non-editable views. 

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Thanks for this info