What feature classes participate in which services

05-09-2019 07:26 AM
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I am wondering if there is a way to extract a report to see a List of all Feature Services and the Feature Classes they are drawing from.   More importantly to be able to pull up a report for a specific feature class and see what service it is serving in.

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Hi Robert,

i had a similar question combined with harvesting metadata and could solve it. I build a construction with Python like this:

1. Search and Export all Database-FeatureClasses, Shapefiles and Filegeodatabases and its Metadata as csv

2. List all Layers and the Datasources that are used in mxd-Files as csv

3. List all ArcGIS-Server Services and its mxd-Files as csv

4. Join the Tables 1. & 2. via FeatureClass-Name and join with 3. via Service-mxd-path

As a result you have a full Data inventory of your Geodata, Metadata and the used Services.  

Very useful to search and filter your Data.

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