Web Styles: do these work in AGOL Maps, or just Scenes?

06-19-2020 12:54 PM
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I've created a custom 2D symbol Style file (.stylx) in Arc Pro. I'd like to be able to access these symbols and symbol styles in AGOL, but according to the error messages that keep popping up, as well as these Esri resource pages (one, two), Web Styles are only intended for use in Scenes. Is this the case, or am I missing something? How would one go about using a Style in AGOL Maps (aside from publishing them inside a Web Map)?

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Shared Web styles are available in AGOL maps as well as scenes. After you have shared your style to AGOL, you must change the default map web styles to the group that owns the symbols you shared, see below in the organization settings (administrator account):





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