Web Map Application that highlights certain areas based on user selection

07-05-2019 08:12 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am interested in building a web mapping application that will allow the user to select from a list of inputs(factors) and based on their selection will display a specific output on the map(highlight specific areas where those factors occur). Essentially, I want the map to show where these factors are occurring, but the map will differ based on what inputs are selected. This would differ from the user just turning on and off layers. For example, if two factors were chosen I would only want areas where both are occurring to be highlighted. The areas where only one of the chosen factors occurred, I would not want to be highlighted on the map. 

To illustrate further: The box above will represent what the map would be. Each factor will have a value indicating whether or not it occurs in each of the four boxes on the map. If you choose 10 factors, the only boxes that would be highlighted would be those where all 10 factors are occurring. 

What I am struggling with is determining the best way to do this. Is it possible for a web mapping application to take into account what a user selects and then show a specific map based on their choices? 

Please let me know if any more information would be helpful. Thank you! 

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Hi Joseph,

Maybe using the Filter Widget or Query Widget in WebApp Builder would work for you? 



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