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Web App Template for Local Government

05-18-2023 09:43 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I remember a while back there was a template floating around that allowed a user to click an location on the map and it returned data from multiple layers and placed the data in cards along the bottom of the web app.... Is this still around

Something like below... where there would be a map at the top and when the user clicks the cards at the bottom would update with attributes from specific layers....

I think it was geared towards Local Government... Where a click would return data on Voting District, School District, County, City etc

Don't remember if this drilled through the layers or was a proximity thing




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Esri Contributor

From what you mention I suspect it might have been a template app from ArcGIS Solutions. It might be worth checking through the these and see if any of them sound familiar.

It would also be worth checking the Nearby template from Instant Apps as I believe it will give the same functionality.

Hope that helps!


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