Visible Range changes when Sharing as Web Layer

06-01-2021 09:22 AM
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I set a specific visibility range in ArcGIS Pro, but when I share the layer as a tile web layer, the visibility range does not adhere to what I set in ArcGIS Pro. And it won't let me change the visible range to a larger scale from within the map viewer.

The visibility range works when exported as a feature, however my arrow symbology disappeared and it's just a regular polyline. When I share as a feature layer, for some reason the arrows change directions from what I had set in ArcGIS Pro. I need my arrow symbology to be at the beginning of the polyline, but with the map viewer symbology the arrows overlap and it's difficult to see the direction of the arrow. 

Here's screenshots of my ArcGIS Pro symbology I set that I'd like to keep, vs the Map Viewer arrow symbology. 

ArcGIS Pro symbologyArcGIS Pro symbologyMap Viewer arrow symbology, does not look goodMap Viewer arrow symbology, does not look good


In summation, I need help either fixing the visible range for tiles, or a way to keep the symbology when I share as a feature/feature tile.




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