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View related data in pop-ups in arcgis online when you publish data

09-14-2023 12:48 AM
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I have a feature class containing property boundaries and a table containing the names of the owners of that property. Many properties have more than one owner. I must publish this data to ArcGIS Online and show which owners are associated with which property in a pop-up window.
should I set up RELATE or RELATIONSHIP CLASS before publishing? 

Can you help me choose method is most approciate and explain? I confuse 

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Esri Contributor

Greetings @HanhNguyen2 

I recommend that you check the documentation on Join Features (Map Viewer) and the Join a table to a feature layer tutorial which should guide you on how to accomplish what you need.  Then, for further guidance on the pop-up configuration, please check Configure pop-ups (Map Viewer).

I hope that helps.

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Esri Regular Contributor

You can use a relationshipclass  1 to many and share that as a webmap.

Then in the popup configuration you could use an Arcade Expression to show multiple owners in the popup.  Something like this.

// hydrantowner is the relationship name
var relatedRecords = featuresetbyrelationshipname($feature, "hydrantowner");
// you can order the attributes returned in the related table field. ASC or DESC ascending descending
var orderRecord = orderBy(relatedRecords, "Owner DESC");
var ownerNames = ""

for (var f in orderRecord){
// Owner is the fieldname in the related tabel that I want to display
ownerNames += text(f.Owner) + textformatting.newline   
return ownerNames


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Esri Contributor

Hi @HanhNguyen2

If you set up a Relationship Class between the Properties Layer and the Owners table prior to publishing the feature service to ArcGIS Online, then you can configure the pop-up to show the related (owner) records in the Properties layer pop-up. For more information on how to do that, check out our previous blog article, Rolling Out Related Records in Map Viewer

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