View and Delete Content Based on Usage Requests

06-22-2022 06:16 AM
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Hello! I am working with an organization to clean up their content and remove features and maps that haven't been used in over six months. We desperately need to free up some credits, but need to make sure we don't delete any relevant data. 

I have used the following as refference to  view what is using up our credits, but it does not indicate weather or not these content are relevant (recently used) to our organization or not. Seeing total views isn't what I am looking for, as much of the data was relevant then, but no longer now. 

I know I can view each features active usage by viewing the usage tab, but I was hoping for a way to either automate this process or do a batch as opposed to individually. We have a lot of content, and doing this feature by feature would take far too long. 

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Good morning! I can help you out with part of this...

I have been working on a way to lift data out from AGOL to be able to see what is being used and what is not. You can find the project where a lot of the lifting is done here:

I use it to create dashboards, etc.

During the output you will be able to see how much storage is being used so that is somewhat helpful from that perspective. There are a couple of posts in the boards about getting credit usage at the larger scale.

Hope that helps you get started. Ironically on the timing too as I was going to be working on expanding my field of data captured over the next couple of days so it is timely and relevant question.

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So this would help me identify my content by usage if I'm not mistaken, but once I have that information is there a way to delete all irrelevant data? 

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