Very basic Time Enabled Layer Question

11-02-2020 02:43 AM
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I have just started with ArcGIS Online. I have a organisational Account/Creator Licence.

I created a test map with a time enabled layer, time slider etc by uploading a .csv with date fields to the Content area, and enabling the time, and then adjusting the details as per here: Configuring Time in ArcGIS Online 

All worked fine, created a WebApp and embedded in a StoryMap.

Now I'm trying to do the same thing with the same file, just more data. I upload the .CSV, it recognises the location data (co-ords) and publishes as a Feature Layer, but clicking on the Layer Item Details no longer shows me the time-enabled options.

I have looked through all of the similar queries here and they seem to revolve around not having it published as a feature layer to enable the time attributes.

The data fields are in this form:

Family NameGiven NameBusiness NameOccupationAddressCurrent AddressAcreStartDateEndDateLatLongTypeReligionNotesFamily
AmsbergJ M Tobacconists27 King William Street1/1/18651/1/1865-34.9225241138.5991137Residence
AmsbergJulius MichaelLloyd's Coffee House - Publican97 King William Street17110/10/18672/14/1905-34.925109138.599402Hotel
BathostChr.Duke of Brunswick - Publican207 Gilbert Street6284/2/19056/2/1905-34.934805138.592458Hotel
BathostChr.Ship Inn - Publican214 Currie Street1192/17/19052/23/1905-34.924679138.590695Hotel

Thoughts, help and advice greatly appreciated!


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