Unable to Process Hosted Feature Service Webhooks with MS Power Automate

09-17-2020 11:41 AM
by Anonymous User
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I was trying to setup and use MS Power Automate to handle Webhooks from Hosted Feature services but the Webhook never seems to send requests to the http trigger created in PowerAutomate.

The following url is reachable from a regular post from https://reqbin.com/ as well as from Survey123 (testing only)


I have added the above url (http flow trigger) to the webhook and enable it to send all (*) change types to the url but the url is never reached. I have tested multiple times and PowerAutomate never receives any requests (the same webhook sends requests to Integromat and works fine)

Also the Payload information found in the documentation seems to be incorrect/incomplete. There are missing commas before the changes url property):

The help shows for FeaturesCreated:

	"serviceName": "myService",
	"changeType": "FeaturesCreated",
	"orgId": "myorgId"
	"changesUrl": "https://olserver/services/myService/FeatureService/extractChanges?serverGens=[1122, 1124]"

But looking at the Integromat payload it seems that it look to be:

		"name": "StreetlightsWH",
		"layerId": 0,
		"orgId": "kjhklNLJHGiokojbl",
		"serviceName": "StreetlightsWebHook",
		"lastUpdatedTime": 1600306252318,
		"changesUrl": "https://services.arcgis.com/kjhklNLJHGiokojbl/ArcGIS/rest/services/StreetlightsWebHook/FeatureServer/extractChanges?serverGens=[1531682,1531684]&async=true&returnUpdates=false&returnDeletes=false&returnAttachments=false",
		"events": [

Note the array for the event type (events)

It seems that everything Webhook-related just works better and easier to setup on Integromat. The AutoPayload detection is a great feature and it works well.

I wonder if someone has had better luck setting up PowerAutomate flows with Feature Service Webhooks?

Thanks for any insights.

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Esri Contributor

Hi Juliano Kersting,

The process is more complicated on Power Automate compared to Integromat. Read my answer to this question :


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