Vector Tile Legend?

09-18-2018 03:57 PM
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How do you get a vector tile layer to show up in the legend? I don't have the option to "show in legend" like I do for other layers. I created my vector tile index, then package, then uploaded to ArcGIS Online. Am I missing something? Corresponding feature layer that has to be included in the upload in some way? I really don't even care about popups or being able to query.

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Hello Sam!

At the moment, ArcGIS Online does not have a vector tile layer legend capability. We have several customers asking for this capability and we have an enhancement logged in our system:

[ENH-000099289: Please enhance ArcGIS Online to generate legends for vector tiles automatically similar to how raster tiles do.]

The enhancement is currently in an "Under Consideration" status. I'd recommend that you give us a call here in Support Services and request that a case be created on your behalf so that you can attach your account to this enhancement, thus adding support for the idea to be put to action. Provide support with the above enhancement number and they can assist with that request.

We look forward to hearing from you in Support!

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Esri Support Services

Rachel Guttmacher
ArcGIS Online Technology Lead
Esri Support Services
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Hi! Just curious if there is any update regarding this idea

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Hi Rachel Guttmacher's Blog - I am looking for a solution for automatic legend generation for vector tiles and was curious if [ENH-000099289]  has been developed. Thanks!

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hello Esri, no caption or tooltip to tell users what they see, vector tile, even if it is very powerful, is unfortunately quite useless when you want to share a lot of data to non-specialists. keep up the effort, please!

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I'd like to see vector tile layers symbolized in the legend too.

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Add me to the list. The lack of a legend is making me find a different approach to share this dataset.