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Using URL in AGO to show PDF drawings

07-25-2023 06:32 AM
New Contributor

Hello, I am trying to use URL links to show PDF drawings. I have a building footprint layer and I want one of the fields to be a link to the PDF drawing from CAD. I need to know where the document should be housed (on AGO or a website like Sharepoint) and how to format the field. 

Thank you!

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There was a post similar to this a while ago. It's possible to host PDFs on ArcGIS Online, but personally I don't want them to take up my limited space here. Therefore, I host the PDFs on AWS, though any web hosting would work, including SharePoint. (On the other hand, the last time I used SharePoint I remember with disdain the long, random URLs it assigned to things.)

Formatting the field is the easiest part. As long as it's a valid URL starting with "http" or (preferably) "https," then ArcGIS Online automatically makes it a live link. In some cases, probably for space, it replaces the link text with "View," which may or may not be desirable.