Using Style Change to symbolize with 2 categories in ArcOnline

01-25-2021 01:43 PM
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by Anonymous User
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What are the requirements for a field in order to symbolize by 2 attributes? I have 2 string fields that I want to symbolize by color and line stroke. 

The below image is symbolized by one string field (Status) but I want to go a step further and symbolize the stroke of the line by another string field (Cable type) which is Buried or Aerial. 


So there will be Permit Submitted, Buried ( yellow, solid stroke) and a Permit Submitted, Aerial (yellow, dashed line). However, in the legend, all that needs to be seen is the symbology of the Status and not the Cable Type.

Currently, in ArcGIS Pro, I got to the symbology below. However, I dont want double Status's showing so I would like just the Status with the color and then I will put a note next to the map that Dashed is Aerial and Solid Line is Buried. 



Lastly, if I am able to get this in ArcPro, will it transfer to ArcOnline?

I hope this makes sense!


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