Using a hyperlink with scale/extent set by name or feature

06-27-2016 11:00 AM
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Hello All -

I apologize if my terminology is misused or confusing...want we need to do is replace a set of 100+ static pdf maps, with ArcGIS Online mapping environment.  We have an organizational account and structure in the making with several Webmaps and Apps.  One of these maps has the feature layers necessary to search by layer, but would like to avoid "searching" once map is open.

Our previous webpage had a hyperlink that opened a new window for pdf viewing.  We would like to replace that link to pdf with a hyperlink to our ArcGIS WebApp, but then the question is how to focus extent of map around a feature (some scale or percentage of extent) without requiring user to enter a value or going through feature search tools or filtering when user selects/clicks on hyperlink? 

For example,  Say there is a Webpage that is about Brody School of Medicine, in an information block a hyperlink "map of school" is selected and a NEW PAGE (ArcGIS Online map) is opened showing at center Brody School with pop-up enabled and showing.

Any suggestions?

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