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09-03-2021 02:23 AM
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Possibly a simple fix, but for some reason, having recently moved from the trial version of online to a subscribed version, for some reason my user type is "creator" but of course this is creating an error (essentially no license for that if I read it right) and I can't change it.

I can't delete my profile, I can't seem to replicate a new administrator profile so I can delete the offending profile.

Any advice welcome as I think this may be having a knock on impact on using Survey 123 to create/publish forms etc.

Hope you can help.

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Hi @JohnClelandEvolution , so in your subscribed version of AGOL, what user type are you paying for? To administer an AGOL organsiation, you have to be a creator, and set as administrator. If you are paying for creator then when you migrated from trial to permanent, your ESRI representative should have assigned the creator licence to your named user account.

Next step would be to raise a ticket in your MyEsri account to get them to resolve the issue against your named user.

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It seems to be that I have been set up as a creator but I am not licensed as one so I will contact support as you suggest and have them fix it, a tad frustrating but hopefully they can sort it out from their end.


Thanks for getting back to me.

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