Use Real Time Data in a Web Map

04-21-2022 08:50 AM
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Hey dear ArcGIS community,

I am working on a project where people are asked to fill out a survey (not in ArcGIS) about how they got to the event, using Google Maps' API. The whole survey part is already configured (not through me) and I retrieve the data with geospatial information (coordinates) and other attributes. I should soon be able to access the data through an URL in a geoJSON format, which will update (append) in real time.

Now: I want to visualize the data updating with a low frecuency as to also reach a (near) real time map. For now, I'd like to do that in a way that needs very little coding. I have so far found two ways to do that:

  • Create a Web Map and add a feature layer within the web map directly with a URL and set it's automatic updating property to a fraction of a minute. The layer that is created seems to update on its own without the necessity of refreshing the page (which I guess is great, because I have a pay-as-you-go subscription, and I assume that refreshing the page means tiling the map again) However, the layer can only be loaded in Dashboard or Experience, in any other application, it cannot load. In the Dashboard, I'm able to use the layer for all filtering methods, but in Experience, that is not the case.
  • Create a Hosted Feature Layer (and it's View) and use the URL as it's data source. I understand that this implies scheduling a script that overwrites the layer and still, within the web map, I'd need to set the layer proproperty so to update automatically, correct?

I wonder if there are better ways to do this using very little code, and if so, if you could give me input on helpful documentation. Or maybe some of my assumptions are wrong? I'd be really happy to have some input on what direction I should go, because honestly the multitude of ArcGIS products is a bit overwhelming to me, someone who has basically only used ArcGIS Pro so far.

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