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Use of credits following a procedure that I have done before but incurred no cost

06-21-2023 12:44 AM
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Good Morning,

I used the update data which used to have the option to append data but this has updated recently and where it cost nothing to append data before when I went in to update features (which is part of this update) I was informed that it used up credits. This was a case of updating a table with extra columns but no geospatial data was present. I was wondering why this was the case and is it the case that appending data will incur the same cost each time?

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Hi @MarkHaysom 

Potentially, it this is a hosted feature layer that you are discussing, it falls within the realm of expected behaviour as Feature layer settings, such as Enable Sync and Keep track of created and updated features, can increase storage size over time. As you are appending more data, it will increase the storage size.

Credits by capability

I hope this helps!

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