Uploading data with attachments to ArcGIS Online?

04-04-2019 11:35 AM
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I have a layer on ArcGIS Online that has tons of features, all with photos attached. We recently decided to split this layer up into smaller layers (i.e., one for each project). So I downloaded the layer as a file geodatabase, in order to preserve our domains and download the photos. The photos are indeed there when downloaded. Then I try to re-upload them to ArcGIS Online, and the photos disappear. So how do I upload a feature class to ArcGIS Online and preserve the attachments?

Also - is there a better way to split up a large layer into smaller layers without downloading and re-uploading? I've already tried this copy layer and save layer thing, but it just creates many layers that point back to the same data, which is not what I'm looking for.


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HI Melissa,

This should work when publishing a file geodatabase with attachments:


Are you able to share the FGDB?


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Not sure why you need to split. If it is not related to performance and just for project related changes, then will be good to consider creating views. One view per project and each view layer will have a definition query for the data related to this project.

Not sure if you have issues using views instead of the split.

Khaled Hassen

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