AGOL - Is it possible to restrict movement and editing of a feature layer but have the Relate in that Feature layer still editable?

04-05-2019 07:03 AM
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AGOL - Is it possible to make a feature layer not movable, not able to add more features but be able to EDIT the attributes & Add More relates to it?

For instance, I have a layer that is a bunch of points and users can add new relate tables to each point.
-Don't want the users to be able to move the points or edit the actual point layer (just want them to be able to edit and add the relates to the points)

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Hi Scott,

Currently in order to add a new related record, you need to have add editing privileges to the layer (which includes the point layer). Can you share more about your use case? It would be helpful to understand you data structure and how you would want your editing workflow to work specifically.


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Hi Kelly,

So I have a layer that contains a bunch of bridge points. I don't want users to be able to MOVE or ADD any bridges. The bridge points have a ONE to MANY relation with a table called "Inspection_Report." The users can add a relate(report) to the bridges and edit the fields of this relate/report. 


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Thanks Scott,

That is helpful and I've documented your workflow for consideration for a future release as what you are describing isn't possible currently. Also, consider upvoting this idea to show your support:



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The editing model on the feature service applies to all the layers within a feature service. So if you assign an editing permission on a feature service, this would apply to the feature point layer and the related table.

So currently your workflow is not supported. However we do offer views. You can technically allow the client to edit a view of the related table. The changes will be reflected to the source feature service. This is what we usually advise our client who has this requirement.

So you will have the original feature service with point+related table as read only. The you will create another view that contains only the related table and you would assign editing capability to the view. All changes to the editable view will shown up in the source feature service. Not sure if you will have issues with this in your workflow.

We are not planning to change the feature service editing model in the near future.

Khaled Hassen

Online Feature Service Dev Lead

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