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Uploaded scanned maps students have drawn

02-02-2023 11:35 PM
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Hi, I'm a teacher in a high school.

I wanted to know if it was possible to scan and upload hand-drawn maps in ArcGIS?  The idea would be for students to use their own maps as basemaps.

The school has a licence for the online version and I have been trying to search for previous answers without much luck.

It would appear that scans can be uploaded but I do not recognise the format, would successful uploading require converting?

Thanks for any advice


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Esri Contributor

This workflow would need to be carried out using ArcGIS Pro. You can read about georeferencing in Pro, defining the location of the scanned map using map coordinates, here: Overview of georeferencing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation.

There is also a tutorial on the subject Georeference historical imagery in ArcGIS Pro | Learn ArcGIS

The final step would be to publish the georeferenced scanned map to ArcGIS Online.

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Esri Notable Contributor

We are working on supporting a workflow in Map Viewer where you could have an image and add that directly to the map as a media layer and do some simple adjustments to place it into the map. Nothing would need to be published or referenced to another hosting server. Just an FYI this isn't a full georef workflow. The layer would still be an operational layer and wont be a basemap layer at this initial release.


Its currently available in the JSAPI and we are hoping to have it released in the coming weeks to online in Map Viewer. I would look out for references to Media Layer in the what's new releases for Map Viewer.

Esri Contributor

As @RussRoberts mentioned, we have been working on supporting a workflow for uploading an image in Map Viewer. The ability to Add a Media Layer was part of our last release in February. You can visit this Blog post: Announcing Media Layer... for more info on how you and your students can get started. 

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