Updating REST URLs for AGO Layers

12-05-2018 06:54 AM
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This post is both a question and a fyi for AGO users.

We have been forced to change the server name for our map services which in turn changes the URLs for those services.  We have discovered the downstream effects of this change to be further reaching than first expected.  The URL for the item can be updated on the Item Details Page, seems simple enough; however, this does not update the layer in any web maps to the new REST URL.  So, the next step is to use AGO Assistant to update the service URLs for all web map’s JSON files.  One wrinkle, if the layer was brought into the map using the “from web” option (REST URL), when a user picks on the item’s description the link will go to the old REST URL.  In this case, AGO Assistant can be used to edit the map’s JSON to add the items details page ID.

Now all the web maps are pointing the correct service URLs and Items Details Pages, however the URLs are also saved in configuration JSON’s for several Web App Builder widgets (not all but at the very least: search, query, screening, & filter).  Back to AGO Assistant to now update the applications’ JSON to point to the correct URLs.  I have not investigated what other templates may be impacted by a change in service URL like story maps.  Based on the way Web App Builder configures web apps, my guess would be any template that queries, searches, and possibly filters layers may have to be updated.

Are we missing something?  Is there a better way?

Any advice will be much appreciated.


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