Updating Hosted Feature Layer

12-03-2019 01:34 PM
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I want to update a feature layer that I shared as a web layer.  I made a mistake with a default value on the layer that is currently on ArcGIS Online, but I've fixed it in ArcPro.  Can I somehow update that feature layer so that I don't have to reload it as a new feature layer and then rebuild all of the dashboards and webmaps/apps that I've created?

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Hi Leif Johnson‌,

I think your best option in this situation is to overwrite the Web Layer from ArcGIS Pro. Please keep in mind that the existing layer configuration is stored in Web Maps and apps - however, if the only modification is a default value change then this should not affect things. To make sure this won't cause issues in your specific scenario, I would read through the overwrite documentation and test this on a copy of the existing layer before overwriting the production service. 

Overwrite a web feature layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Hope this helps,


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