How to display legend in Pie Chart in Pop-up?

12-04-2019 06:14 AM
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I am currently making a webMap in ArcGIS Online. In the symbology, because I cannot display points as pie charts (it looks like it is not possible, just as in ArcGIS Pro but was possible in ArcMap), proportional to a total, I am trying to display these pie charts in Pop-Ups.

In the Configure Pop-up, in the Pop-up Media section, I can make Pie Chart but customization is fairly basic. I would like to display attribute values around the pie chart instead of mouse over to get the attribute values. Is it possible?

Also, my attribute values are in km2. In order to understand the units, is possible to round the values and add the "km2" suffix?

Also, I would to use doughnuts as it looks stylish but this option is not available.

If this is not possible to customize Pie charts as I mentioned here, is it possible to customize it with API for JavaScript?


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Hi Vincent Launstorfer‌,

Have you seen and upvoted this idea? ArcGIS Online Chart Customization 

In the meantime, I think your best option would be to use Arcade. You could create a color-coded legend directly beneath the chart that display the attribute values, as well as add "km2." See the below references to get started: 

Hope this helps,


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