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Update hosted feature service using Integromat (Make)/webhooks

05-16-2023 02:34 PM
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I am building an Integromat (Make) scenario, and cannot get it to work. 

Here are details of my scenario: 

  1. I have a hosted feature service with a related table 
  2. The data is secured, so I am getting a token
  3. The end goal is to update some fields in the related table
  4. So every time a new related record is added to the feature, I would like to grab some attribute values and from the parent feature, and add those attribute values to the related (child) record. 

The first issue I am running into is that I cannot seem to query the 'parent feature' in the HTTP 'make a request' module. I cannot get the 'where' query to work, unless I hard code the value. It seems like I am missing something simple over here, but cannot figure out what? 



If I hard code the value for 'GlobalID' then the 'where' query in 'Make a request' module works as expected. However, when I try to update feature using POST method, I am getting the following error:



I would very much appreciate any suggestions/ideas. 

Thank you,







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Can you see the value represented by the ID that Make is trying to supply to the where parameter? Maybe it's formatting it differently in some way?

What's your POST look like in the scenario? Can you share how that portion is configured? We have a few scenarios that edit features using POST requests, and they work fine.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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If I hard code the Globalid this is what query looks like, and the output returns just that record, as expected


If my 'where' statement is 1=1, it return all records, as expected


But if I add a variable for my 'where' statement, GlobalId = 'global id from related table' (I tried double quotes, single quotes, no quote), the query shows nothing for global id, and I am getting error in output



This is what I have for my POST configuration



Thank you,




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