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Update Feature Service Hosted View with new related tables

12-01-2021 02:18 AM
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I created a Hosted feature Service with a feature class + 3 related table.

Then, I created some views.

I created maps and Apps, and after that the data owner asked for new data meaning two new related tables.

The Hosted feature layer is updated, but I cannot find a way to add these two new tables to the views.


Is that even possible?

Do I have to recreate the views?



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There are some similar questions out there with some suggestions, but in my experience, the only way to do this is to overwrite the layer entirely. Recreating the views may not be necessary, but I imagine you'd need to alter the JSON directly to get them to recognize the new layers.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hi @jcarlson thank you for your answer.

 A couple of questions:

I have already overwritten the hosted feature layer from PRO.

Alter the JSON from AGOL Assistant?

is it enough to overwrite the Data tab in full?

Do I have to alter also the Description tab anywhere?




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