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05-29-2020 08:09 AM
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I am trying to upload a unique image for different pop-ups for each point (lat,lon) in my arconline map. I am unable to upload PNG, JPEG of these images (file type not supported), but I am able to upload them onto my wordpress website media and put in the URL. I have gotten this to work with one png, but that image shows on every pop up window. How do I get unique images to display on specific points?

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The web map pop-up has to be dynamically configured with the photo URL.

  • Method 1: add a URL field to your feature layer and add the photo URLs for each point
  • Method 2: if your point has a unique name/ID field, you can rename all your files to correspond to this field accordingly and dynamically build the URL by referencing the field. In this method, your photos need to be in the same format (all PNGs or all JPEGs etc).
    • E.g. someurl.com/{fieldname}.png
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