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Survey123 Integration Issues

06-11-2020 11:14 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Does anyone else seem to have trouble with utilizing data collected in Survey123 in other products like Dashboard and Hub?  It seems that when I try to use Survey123 data in these products it, the format that the data is in is not usable.  For example, when I tried to add Survey123 data to a Hub and display it as a chart of dates, it doesn't put dates in chronological order as shown below.  Additionally, the concept of "time of day" alone and separate from the date, which is a category in Survey123, doesn't seem to be something you can work with in Dashboards.  It needs to be associated with a date in order for you to parse the times out, but in Survey123 it does this for you when you go to the "Analyze" tab.

These are small critiques, but they're frustrating things that I've come across overtime when trying to integrate the data into my workflow across the arcgis online platform. 

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