Unable to Public Share Instant Web App

03-02-2022 03:38 PM
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Hi there,

I've been really struggling with a web app that I intend to share for public access. It has two hosted layer views (both shared publicly) and the default Esri Imagery with Labels Basemap on a New Map Viewer Web Map (also shared with public):

This is the link to the web app:  


I have disabled Anonymous access to our organization, and I thought replacing the head of the url with https://www.arcgis.com would fix it as referenced in this article but it still prompts a user for a general ArcGIS Online log-in:


I've looked through what I can so far on multiple browsers (except for exporting a log from developer tools) and I don't believe I am using any Subscriber content that would be locking anyone out.

I've looked online for fixes, and none of the below seemed to help:

Solved: Making a web-app public - Esri Community

Solved: Cannot share content publicly - Esri Community

Solved: Arcgis Online Web app public access, asking for lo... - Esri Community

Anybody have any troubleshooting thoughts? Things I should try?


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Were you ever able to resolve this issue?

I'm having the same trouble. I've copied a Survey123 stakeholder feature layer that I do not own, and I think my problem lies there. I don't want to mess with the owner's stakeholder layer; just wanted to copy it, and share it. 

I know my reply isn't helpful to solving your problem, so I apologize. Just commiserating. 🙂

However, you provided several links I will follow- thank you!

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I have been dealing with this issue as well. I believe it has something to do with app builder itself. The moment I switched the web map from instant app to web app builder it did not prompt me to login. Can anyone else attest to this?

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Hello all I too am having this issue trying to access an Instant App where everything is shared publicly but the app requires a Login when I load it.  The App does this weird thing where it starts to show content on initial load, then the login screen pops up. 

Here is the link to my 'Public' Instant App:


Any help from ESRSI would be very much appreciated !!  Thanks, 


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