Unable to invite user to a group owned by an organization

06-25-2013 05:22 AM
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Hello- my colleagues are trying to invite me to a group, but they're getting this message:

Error inviting user(s):

Unable to invite public account 'my username' to a group owned by an organization 'df13e866087c4c9dbb002bc31631e918'.

I'm not aware that my account is owned by an organization- I've had this account for years and registered under my personal email (though I did associate it with a member number when I was in charge of software purchases at a previous company).  Can I disassociate myself (somehow) or do I just have to create a new account for AGOL?

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Are they using AGOL for organizations?  If so, then I think the issue is that personal AGOL users cannot be members of a group created by an AGOL organization account.  You will need to have a AGOL organization account login and then you can be a member. 

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ESRI's "we know better than you" wisdom drastically changed the sharing with their March update. For sharing and joining groups, you can only now do Public-->Public or Organization-->Organization. That's it. No cross sharing or cross groups. They want you to pay to share....