Unable to Enable Sync on Hosted Feature Service View

08-09-2019 06:37 AM
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As suggested by the title, I am unable to enable sync on a hosted feature service view. The feature service that the view is created from has sync enabled. Whenever I click on enable sync on the view i get an error saying: "Save wasn't successful. Try again later." When I look on fiddler I just see "Error 500".

Unfortunately, I cant republish the original hosted feature service as Users have it checked out for field work. This fix was suggested to me by Esri Tech Support. I hope there is another way to fix this. 

Anyone ever run into this issue?


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Do you have synchronization configured on both the hosted feature layer and view?

Hosted feature layer views do not inherit synchronization settings from the hosted feature layer from which you create them. To enable synchronization on a hosted feature layer view, you must first enable it on the primary hosted feature layer. To disable synchronization on the primary hosted feature layer, you must first disable it on each dependent hosted feature layer view.

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Were you able to figure this out. We are having the same issue. We tried enabling it in AGOL and also tried forcing it using the ArcGIS API for Python. Neither of these options worked. We tried disabling sync on the parent hosted feature layer and then re-enabling and then trying to enable in the view but nothing works. 

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Hello Eveyone,

I also need to enable Sync on a vie because I need to take the Layer offline.

I found this: Manage hosted feature layer editing—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation where it is stated "You cannot enable editing or synchronization on hosted feature layer views created as a result of running the Join Features tool."


But I really need to take a Layer Offline which must be a view between 2 Hosted Features. Is there a way to create such a View without using the Join Feature tool?

Thanks you very much for any suggestions!!