Unable to edit related tables in a local copy of a hosted feature layer directly in ArcMap

08-29-2018 01:29 PM
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Hi all,

I have a hosted feature layer in AGOL.  The hosted feature layer contains points and two separate related tables, each with a one-to-many relationship to the points.  I am primarily using this hosted feature layer in Arc Collector to collect field data.  However, sometimes it is more efficient to update some of the attributes in the related tables back in the office.  My current workflow involves adding the hosted feature layer to my ArcMap document (add data button-->add data from ArcGIS Online).  Then, right click on the hosted feature layer in the table of contents-->Edit Features-->Create Local Copy for Editing.  The goal would be to apply the edits to the local copy in ArcMap, then sync those back to AGOL.

However, after starting an edit session on the newly created local copy, I am only able to edit the points (and attributes in the points table), but not the attributes in the related tables.  It appears that when you create a local copy for editing in this way, the point features are saved in a temporary local geodatabase, but the related tables remain as part of the hosted service.  (The first picture attached here is a snapshot from the List by Source View that shows the point features and related tables as they come in from AGOL.  The second picture attached is a snapshot after creating a local copy for editing).  I can still view related records, but not update them.  

I have all of the correct editing settings set up on the hosted feature layer in AGOL.  Also, I've checked the box for "Include related data" in the Distributed Geodatabase Options tool.  

Typically, when I hit a wall like this and have exhausted the online troubleshooting research and discover that no one else is having this issue, it tells me I'm not thinking properly.  I realize that I could probably just edit the attributes in the related tables directly in AGOL.  However, it would be more convenient to be able to edit them directly in the local copy, then synchronize the edits with the hosted feature layer.  

Any advice, or alternative workflows would be much appreciated!



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