Unable to edit lines (but can edit points) within a single layer view while working offline

01-26-2022 08:06 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Hello there,

I'm having some issues related to editing in Field Maps in offline areas. The offline area contains a view layer consisting of several point and line layers. The view is derived from a hosted feature service that I pushed from ArcGIS Pro. Editing and syncing is enabled on the dataset, however, suddenly, neither users or myself (the data owner) are able to edit the point layers within this view while working offline. However, the line layers are still editable. Users and myself are able to make edits to both the points and lines while working in Field Maps online or in the Web Map itself. What strikes me as odd is that this didn’t use to be a problem and I haven’t made any changes to the map in months other than adding the ability to search for features (which I’ve since removed, just in case) and that there seems to be a difference in editability within a single view layer. I'm wondering if this issue is related to recent updates in ArcGIS Online/Field maps and what additional troubleshooting steps I can take.

The issue persists when the the view is added to a new map and within the hosted feature service the view is derived from. At this point I'm a little stumped other than republishing the feature service - that's a step I'd rather avoid because the map is heavily configured and would require extensive rework.

A few months ago I posted on a similar topic that may be related. Users unable to make edits to view layers when working offline in Field Maps 



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