Unable to add field (button disappeared) to Hosted Feature Layer

02-27-2020 06:08 PM
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When I first published my dataset to ArcGIS Online, there is an option in the hamburger menu to 'Add Field'. However, now I notice it has disappeared:

There are only the three options in the screenshot.

This is how the item is described in the Overview section:

I have since joined the layer with another layer, which has created a view. I am guessing this is the problem.

This is supported by the add field documentation (at the bottom): Add or delete a field—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation  

Restrictions when adding or deleting fields

Consider the following when adding or deleting fields:

  • You cannot add fields to or delete fields from copies of hosted feature layers, hosted feature layers that have related tile layers, or views created from hosted feature layers.

I would prefer not to have to delete the layer and re-publish it, because that would mean rebuilding my Dashboards and Web Maps etc.

If there is a workaround that would be great.

Thank you

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Hi Jack,

I may have made some progress although not fully yet.

I followed this article to update service definition.

I change "sourceSchemaChangesAllowed" to 'true'

Everything seems to work but when I refresh the page it is reset to false.

Let me know if it works for you. or anyone else if you have found a solution.


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YES, this is a major pain when using joins to create views on hosted layers in AGOL. 

There is no work-around - you will have to bite the bullet and recreate part of your content.  The GOOD news is that the webmaps are easy - you can use the  ArcGIS Online Assistant  to simply re-point the relevant layer in your webmap to the new URL of your re-created view.  The BAD news is, yes, you have to change the data source in any widgets in the dashboard, which loses some of the configuration for that widget.  I take plenty of screen shots of my widget configuration screens before I make a change like this.

Vote for this idea:  https://community.esri.com/ideas/18414 


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Hi Jay,

Thank you for the insight; sad to hear but glad to avoid the pain thinking there is a better way while I tediously duplicate work. Also, thank you for the link to ArcGIS Online assistant I wasn't aware of this tool and it will be very helpful in overcoming this challenge. I will up vote the idea.


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