Changing Variable Names Across a Series of Maps

08-20-2020 04:24 PM
New Contributor
I am writing to see if there's a way to change variable names across different maps all at one time in ArcGIS Online, especially if these maps were created from the same feature layer. I have over 30+ maps and want to change the display names (which will show up in the attribute table) for these maps but trying to avoid having to make the changes one by one (currently doing this using the "Configure Attribute Options" in Map Viewer Beta). I want to make the same changes across all maps. I tried changing the feature layer by clicking the "Data" tab, and changing the "Display Names" but it doesn't automatically change the attributes in the maps that are already created.  
Any suggestion on how I can go about making the changes all at once is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you! 
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