Turn clustering off when zoomed in

07-25-2019 03:22 PM
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In AGOL, I have a layer that I want to enable clustering on to use inside an operations dashboard.  The layer shows trees, and there are thousands, so when zoomed out, I want clustering, so that the layer doesn't take many seconds to draw.  However, when zoomed in, I'd like the clustering to turn off after a certain point so that I can display the individual trees.

With clustering enabled on the default settings now, the layer keeps clustering no matter how far I zoom in (some of the trees are very close together) and this makes it hard to see where the trees actually are.

One idea I had was to add the layer in to the map twice, enable clustering on one, and disable on the other, and set scale ranges.  This works great in the web map, but does not work in my dashboard, because the active filtering can only target one layer, so then the filters only work when either zoomed in, or zoomed out, but not both.

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I would love an answer to this as I am dealing with the exact same issue.

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