Transferring content from one ArcGIS Online org to another

09-20-2021 02:28 AM
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I was wondering if anybody could advise me on the best and easiest way I can transfer users content from one AGOL subscription to another. I believe it is possible to use ArcGIS Online Assistant but that it has limitations such as not being able to transfer all files types, e.g. it can't transfer images and also you have to update all the URL's for web maps, web apps etc. I believe you can also use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online though I don't know how. I know you need to use the Pro version but can't find a cost for this in £.

Any advice/Info would be really helpful 

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A comparison of Admin Tools and Admin Tools (Pro) can be found here.

According to Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro) - ArcGIS Marketplace Listing , Pricing is for Unlimited Admins within your org - $99/mo or $500/year.

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