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10-15-2015 10:20 AM
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I create a layer with date field. This layer shows the dry regions of Puerto Rico. for some reason, the time animation behave different in ArcMap  vs Agol.

Here you can see a video with behavior. For some reason in AGOL, the layer disappears every time it jumps one week to an other, instead of just increment like in ArcMap. I select the same options i used in ArcMap. 1 weel interval, start time 06/01/2015 end time 29/09/2015.

So my question is, why it does not go progressive like ArcMap?

This is my configuration:

Start: 06/01/12015

End: 29/9/2015

Intervals: 1 week

and i have the same behavior if i select intervals or progressive.

Do I need other date field or something? because I found this seasonal change map and it does not have the problem I have

Thanks for your help!

Diego Llamas

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Good day Diego,

Were you able to figure the randomness of time slider on AGOL? I have the same issue as yours with the time slider on AGOL. In fact, my data consists of time, 12pm and  7 pm on various date; however, while trying to configure time interval in AGOL time slider bar, my options were week or month or year and no day option available unlike what was described in this article by Owen Evans

I rearranged my data so that the earliest or oldest data would list on the top of the attribute table. It seemed to help slightly. For instance, my data was collected at 12 pm and 7 pm on Sept 12, 13, 19 in 2013 and Oct 23rd, 2015. The time slider was set from Sept 12 12pm thru Sept 19th 7 pm in 2013, for unknown reason, it would display Oct 23rd 2015 7pm data first before displaying Sept 12th 2013 12pm data.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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I too have this issue. I animate date (MM/DD/YYYY) only, and the animation behaves as such

In ArcGIS Pro

  • 6/1/2021 - shows
  • 6/2/2021 - shows
  • 6/3/2021 - shows
  • 6/4/2021 - shows
  • 6/5/2021 - shows
  • 6/6/2021 - shows
  • 6/7/2021 - shows
  • 6/8/2021 - shows

On ArcGIS Online, same time aware layers, same dates

  • 6/1/2021 - shows
  • 6/2/2021 - shows
  • 6/3/2021 - doesn't show
  • 6/4/2021 - shows
  • 6/5/2021 - doesn't show
  • 6/6/2021 - shows
  • 6/7/2021 - shows
  • 6/8/2021 - shows

The time span starts 

  • 5pm 5/31/2021 to 8pm 6/1/2021

.. which is odd, because I chose MM/DD/YYYY. So where is it getting hours from? By 6/3/2021 the time slide shifts to

  • 11pm 6/2/2021 to 4pm 6/3/2021

I'm certain this is operator error on my part. And the issue lies within configuring the animation at the source (ArcGIS Pro). But where please? 

Thank you all in advance for your replies. - Chuck



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