AGOL Rest End Point Index is Changing to a Random Number

01-04-2022 10:54 AM
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We have several feature layers published in AGOL that get updated almost daily for our public web applications hosted on our Hub Site.  Recently, some of the rest end point index numbers have been changing from /FeatureServer/0 to something like /FeatureServer/36.  All of our layers are published out of ArcGIS Pro and are always overwritten.  There is no grouping, so every layer is its own service. 

My question is, how is the index changing and what can we do to restore all the URL's back to /FeatureServer/0 which is how all the ones that have been changed originally were? 

Below is an example of what use to be 0 and is now 36 for some reason.  This breaks all my apps published online.


Thank you!




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That is weird. Is each layer in its own Pro project (or map) or is it all in one? How are you doing the overwrite?

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Thank you, your comment made me realize it was a change I made recently.  I don't know if this is 2.9 related as I just updated, but looking at my layer list, parcels, which ends in 36 is layer 36 in my Pro document. I was sharing some items in our Enterprise Portal for another department and I remember changing:




Now, I'm trying to figure out how to keep the second setting UNchecked so that it doesn't error out every time I try to overwrite the layer.

Edit:  after trying every times to get the last image checkbox to stay unchecked, I have been unsuccessful.  I'm going to assume this is a bug in 2.9.  I checked with another user who had 2.7 on their machine and that box does not exist so it was added sometime between 2.7.X and 2.9.  It also seems to be redundant since the same check box exists when you right click the map and go to its properties in the table of contents.



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